For many of us working from home has become the new normal.

With school back in session, your home office might just have become more hectic. We asked our staff how they work from home with daily distractions and this is what they said.

Set Boundaries

If your kids are old enough, make sure you set some daily boundaries with them. We know this sounds easier than it is, but if you don’t set any rules for working/learning from home you’ll never get anything done.

Pomodoro Method

This method is all about setting up time blocks for work and life. When you’re in one block of time focus completely on that task. Whether it is getting a report completed, or making sure your kids are completing an assignment devote your entire block of time to that thing. Also, your break time is completely work-free, which helps you recharge for the next block of concentrated time.

Early Risers

Some of our staff wake up a few hours before their family so they can focus on work. When the family wakes up, they are then fully present for family breakfast, getting ready for school, or however, else their children and spouse’s day begins. Once everyone is settled in or out of the house, they return to their office work.

Visual Aides

Something as simple as a sign that tells others to stop or enter can be helpful. Use the stop sign when you can’t be disturbed (meetings or focusing on a project) and the enter sign when you can be interrupted.

Share the Love

If your spouse is also working from home, set a schedule to take breaks at different times. This way, your kids will get checked on more often and you’ll get interrupted less (in theory).

Body Double

Are you one of those people who work better with some company? If you’ve got others at home, set up your offices together. Body doubles can be working, reading, or sitting quietly listening to their headphones.

Find a Place for Everyone

If your pets like being near you, try to create a dedicated spot for them too! It will help them from stomping all over your computer or getting in the way too often.  One of our team members re-designed a window bench for her pets, so they could be close, but not too close.

So, if you’re at home right now, or you’re going to be working from home much longer, try some of these ways our staff work from home with daily distractions.