You want to provide benefits to your employees to keep them and create a successful business. You’re all about making sure your employees have opportunities for professional development, great benefits, and salaries that reflect the value of their work. But are you making sure they’re happy?

Happiness can seem like a pretty arbitrary measure, but at least one study shows that employees who feel happy are more productive. And who doesn’t want increased productivity? 

If having a staff that gets more work done doesn’t convince you to jump on the happiness bandwagon, maybe these additional benefits of happy workers will:

  • More satisfied clients and customers. Happy people are nicer to everyone around them, and that includes your clients and customers. Positive experiences with your staff will keep customers coming back for more. 
  • Increased business. With happier customers come greater loyalty and more referrals. You’ll be especially glad you have those happy, productive employees for all the new work you’ll get.  
  • Less absenteeism. Happy employees are less likely to miss work unexpectedly, which means your business processes can flow more smoothly. 
  • Greater employee retention. If you have unsatisfied employees, they’re likely looking for another job that promises a happier future. All that turnover can drain your productivity and your budget. Happy employees stick around.

You know great employees are the key to a great business – and so do we. We’ve built a happy and productive team at Reconciled, so we can provide great service to your happy and productive team. 

Let us know how we can help. One of our (happy) employees will be in touch within 24 hours.