As a small business owner, organization is key, especially when it comes to your finances.

You can start every day on the right foot and avoid tax and legal trouble by using cash flow management software like to keep things regulated and uncluttered. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your software.

Take Advantage of Different Billing Movement Methods

There are four different and effective ways to move your bills to This service gives you a personalized email address and fax number specific to your company. You can fax your bills to this unique fax number, scan, and email paper bills, or upload and move electronic copies to your dashboard.

Or you can take advantage of the option offered by their partner, Earth Class Mail. Mail your bills directly to Earth Class Mail and they’ll scan and send them to on your behalf.

Partner up with your accounting software can share data with various accounting software, like Sage, Xero, NetSuite, Intacct, and Quickbooks Online.

The set up is easy, complete with videos and printed guides. And once you’re done, you won’t have to type the same information twice, because any change you make on will appear on your accounting software and vice versa.

Download the Mobile App

Using the app could save invaluable time when you need to approve a bill when you’re out of the office. You receive emails when a bill is ready to be approved and once you’ve looked over it, you can approve and pay with a swish of your finger.

Use the Cloud

You can use for invoices, bills, contracts, and other pertinent financial documents. Everything is saved in the cloud, so you can access it, anytime or anywhere, saving time and money.

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