The 2016 version of Quickbooks Online is a wonderfully powerful, yet mostly intuitive tool. It is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses effectively manage their bookkeeping and accounting practices. One of the best features of Quickbooks is how the developer, Intuit, continues to invest significant time and resources into the product. It evolves with the changing needs of business and its customer base. The following is a current list of three of the best Quickbooks Online tips to consider.

1. QuickBooks

Make everything you do in Quickbooks quicker by taking full advantage of time-saving keyboard shortcuts. Commit the most useful shortcuts to memory, and you will definitely achieve QuickBooks. Consider shortcuts, like the plus sign (+) for the next day, the minus sign (-) for the previous day, and the capital “T” for Today. Options that can save a lot of time when processing particularly large spreadsheets that track calendar days.

2. Go Mobile

Now available on iOS and Android, you can take Quickbooks with you wherever you go. The mobile app allows you to fully utilize the pinch and zoom features of these smartphones. So, there shouldn’t be any squinting necessary to read the fine print. Having access to your books wherever you go is a very handy feature. Especially, if you’re not in the office and still need access to vital data.

3. Try It for Free

Intuit does offer a free trial run for their signature software that allows users access to every feature. This is a big indicator that Intuit feels you will become so enamored with their product, you will not want to end your experience with it. Most people will indeed subscribe to the online accounting software that makes life easier for small to medium-sized businesses.

Reconciled makes accounting easy. We are a certified pro advisor for Quickbooks Online. The preceding tips are just a small introductory sample of how to make the most of your Quickbooks experience. We know every angle of how to professionally utilize this software. We would be happy to put our expert knowledge to work for you as well. Please contact us today for more information on any of our services.