Most small businesses could benefit from the increased automation, ease of use, and robust functionality of cloud accounting technology platforms.

These platforms, such as QuickBooks Online, and enhanced third-party app integrations offer even greater customization and scale for unique business needs.

Intuit now offers QuickBooks integration with over 500 apps, including Receipt Bank, Expensify, and Apps range from e-commerce reporting and point of sale to expenses, invoicing, and CRM. The customizations are endless. The following three apps are great options that have seamless integration and functionality.

Receipt Bank

This one saves time by eliminating data entry with reliable data extraction. Submit pictures of receipts or documents, and Receipt Bank will automatically populate the data into your accounting software. It integrates with many top cloud accounting software options, including QuickBooks and Xero. Receipt Bank also has mobile functionality and provides customizable access for everyone on your team.


This third-party app integration automates expense management. With one-click scanning of receipts, customizable approval settings, and rapid reimbursement, your expense workflow is streamlined. You’ll save time and money.

Receipt details are automatically added to an expense report that can then be automatically submitted, approved, and reimbursed based on your specifications. Expensify is accessible across all devices and integrates with many top accounting platforms.

This app streamlines accounts receivable and payable processes. Choose both your method of payment and method of receiving payments,  ACH functionality, simplified data entry, and automated invoicing capabilities. You can also choose auto-reconciliation features with integration to your accounting software. is accessible across all devices for ease of use anytime.

These third-party app integrations will give you increased automation and efficiency in your small business. And who couldn’t use more efficiency and time savings? For more information about small business cloud accounting technology, including third-party app integration, please contact us.