The Accounts Payable process can be difficult to manage.

Business owners will often complete one step of the process but forget to record it properly. Mistakes like this can result by accidentally over (or under) stating your expenses. When the process is poorly managed, bills can get misplaced, overlooked, or paid late. All of this reflects poorly on the business.

At Reconciled, we believe very strongly in having an efficient Accounts Payable process. With our system, there are fewer errors, quicker turn-around time, and everything is recorded and documented for future reference. Here is an example of what our process typically looks like:

  1. Information is entered into – this can either be done manually or vendors can directly email their invoices to a specified address
  2. Bills are approved – either the client approves or certain re-occuring bills can be automatically approved
  3. We initiate payment – payment can be completed multiple ways and dates of delivery can be specified
  4. Information syncs with QBO or other accounting software

It is that easy! We also can assist with setting up bills to be paid on an automatic schedule. This ensures that nothing will be paid late again.  

Most issues that arise related to the vendor will be handled by us, unless instructed otherwise, or if we do not possess the needed information. When we are the point of contact, the AP process can move more quickly. The constant back and forth between business owners and vendors can interrupt the flow of work, as well as cause friction between the two. Having an intermediary, like us, helps ensure good business relationships.

For any business, maintaining an effective Accounts Payable process is a key to success – ask us about how to get started on streamlining your Accounts Payable today!