That’s right, y’all. 

As of today, we have an office in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

And while we can’t say that the Carolina barbecue wasn’t a bit of a draw, the honest truth is that Charlotte has so much incredible entrepreneurial activity going on—we just had to be there to provide bookkeeping services to all the passionate business owners in the Southeast.

North Carolina is drawing a huge number of entrepreneurs, and the city has a fast-growing entrepreneurial scene with a strong fintech focus. Plus, we’ll have access to a more diverse employee base and a more diverse set of customers—something that’s been important to us from Day One. 

One of our fantastic bookkeepers, Dannie McLaughlin, left Vermont and moved to the Tar Heel State to head up our Charlotte office at Packard Place. If you know companies in the Southeast that would benefit from our services, let them know that we’re close by and ready to help.