To our amazing Reconciled customers:

On October 22nd nearing the end of the final presidential debate, Expensify, a popular expense reporting application, sent out an email to their 10 million customers, which includes Reconciled and some of our own customers.  The email has received national attention because of the controversial statements written in the email by an expense reporting application. Expensify has been mostly neutral and silent on political statements since its’ founding.  Here are a few sentences from the beginning of the email (you can read the entirety of the email here):

“If you are a US citizen, anything less than a vote for Biden is a vote against democracy. That’s right, I’m saying a vote for Trump, a vote for a third-party candidate, or simply not voting at all — they’re all the same, and they all mean: “I care more about my favorite issue than democracy.  I believe Trump winning is more important than democracy.  I am comfortable standing aside and allowing democracy to be methodically dismantled, in plain sight.”

Since our founding, Reconciled has strived to build an inclusive environment where employees from all political stripes, including both Biden and Trump supporters, feel absolutely safe and strongly supported in their work.  We believe this is absolutely at the heart of building an inclusive workplace and at the heart of democracy itself.  That’s why we believe the tone and delivery of Expensify’s email was inappropriate.  

Reconciled has encouraged our team members to bring their passions to work and not be afraid to share them with each other, including their political beliefs.  We believe this makes Reconciled stronger as we can learn to embrace each other as neighbors and human beings regardless of our political, religious, and cultural backgrounds. 

As important, Reconciled embraces and works with entrepreneurs and small business owners who are voters and nonvoters alike, including New Americans (Immigrants and Refugees) who are not yet able to vote.  Many New Americans escaped countries and political regimes that did not give them the freedom to vote. They also received similar messages, like the one Expensify sent, in the past. Those messages pressured them to vote in a specific way or face consequences that would make life unbearable for them.

So, whether you are a Democrat or Republican supporter – or you are passionate about a third party candidate or no candidate at all – know that Reconciled embraces you as the passionate entrepreneur and small business leader that you are.  The beauty of our country is the freedom you have to choose whether you want to participate in voting or decide not to vote.  And we celebrate you exercising that freedom with your own conscience.