One of the best things about QuickBooks is that it helps businesses of all sizes be more productive. But there are actually several shortcuts that can help you become even more productive. Here are a few of the top QuickBooks tips that will help make you more productive in the workplace.

1. Changing Dates

When you are looking to change dates, simply push the + or – keys. This will move the date forward and backward as needed.

2. Utilize Calculator

Instead of pulling up a calculator on your computer, use the one that is built into QuickBooks already. To pull it up, simply press the =, +, *, or / keys.

3. Delete Items Quickly

When you need to delete an item, such as a check or invoice, press Ctrl + D. This will remove the item without needing to use your mouse to complete the action.

4. Use Shortcuts for Dates

When you are looking to enter dates manually, there are plenty of shortcuts to help. For example, the shortcut “y” will give you the first day of the year and the shortcut “r” will give you the last day of the year. Also, to bring up a pop-up calendar, simply press the down arrow.

5. Chart of Accounts

If you are looking to discover the right account to put a transaction into, simply press Ctrl + A. This will display the Chart of Accounts window.

These QuickBooks tips are all ones that will help you save time and be more productive. As you are going through your daily tasks on QuickBooks, make sure you keep them in mind. To learn more about how you can use QuickBooks to make your business more productive, contact us today.