My path to remote work success began at the end of 2011. I originally relocated from Seattle, WA to Burlington, VT to be closer to my wife’s relatives and raise our growing family. I was serving in a senior finance position, but I dreamed of flexing my entrepreneurial muscle in a beautiful location. One I had visited many times before.

I immediately began offering CFO services to Vermont companies on the side while completing an MBA from Babson College. This was the first step in my path to remote work success. During this time, I noticed that bookkeeping and finance management was a common pain point among entrepreneurs.

After finishing my degree in the summer of 2014, I took a year off to consider my next steps. By this time cloud accounting software had made advancements and was now a quality online service. I was inspired to action and launched Reconciled in the Summer of 2015, relying on my faith in the future of remote services. By the end of the year, the company had taken off, and I was both surprised and excited.

In the past few years, we have grown from a local Burlington cadre to a team of over 30 spread across 7 states. We now offer bookkeeping and CFO for hire services, all available online.

I see an ever-increasing demand for remote business services and am excited to be part of the rising tide. Therefore, I would like to share some insights I’ve picked up along my path to remote work success.

1) I’ve learned that branding should be centered around your business and not its founder or a single person. Your clients should feel connected to the brand.

2) Strength of a remote business is that it allows you to leverage a more diverse range of employees, circumventing localized issues around low unemployment rates and availability of talent.

3) Being able to run a business from a lifestyle-focused city like Burlington is both enjoyable and rewarding. You get to make an impact on the local business ecosystem while living a quality of life you enjoy.

I’ve been able to benefit from a smaller ecosystem like Burlington and have gotten experiences and access here I wouldn’t have been able to get in a larger and more competitive city like New York City or Boston.

I want to inspire people to seek out the home base they will most enjoy – be that Burlington, Boston or jet setting around the world – and implement intentional business practices that will allow their business to thrive. Everyone encounters sticking points in their business, but with encouragement and education, they don’t have to stay stuck there.

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On October 17th, 2019 my company is hosting the inaugural Entrepreneur Summit in my hometown of Burlington, Vermont. We will be exploring the themes mentioned above and featuring presentations imparting the wisdom of leaders in the remote work industry – Tammy Bjelland from Workplaceless, Cheryl Eaton from Guru Media Solutions, Laura Pillsbury from Humnly, and many more.

My goal with this conference is to provide education, inspiration, and camaraderie to people from all over the country who work for remote based businesses, have already started one or who are thinking about starting one, and are working towards their own path to remote work success.

We hope you’ll join us!

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