Merge With Reconciled

Interested in selling your bookkeeping practice, but want to make sure your clients continue to have access to the best support available? We can help!

Interested in selling your bookkeeping practice?

We are actively looking for:

Owners looking to support their clients after their retirement.

Firms looking to advance the support of their clients by leveraging the best cloud accountants in the US.

Practices that serve specific verticals, with specialty niches in interesting fields.

Through outbound efforts and organic referrals, Reconciled has grown from a bookkeeping team of 1 in 2015, to an organization employing dozens of talented professionals across the country. Because of this, Reconciled has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing accounting operations in the country. We are extremely proud of the systems we’ve established to provide leading support for our clients throughout that growth.

Are you considering selling your bookkeeping practice? As we continue impacting the growing companies that we love to support, we are looking to incorporate existing firms. We are looking for individual bookkeeping entrepreneurs with a handful of clients, to firms of 10. These owners are looking for opportunities to continue supporting their client’s growing needs beyond their individual capabilities. Our vision is to set the industry standard for bookkeeping, accounting and advisory support. Also, to focus on the value that we bring to the company leaders that we serve.

Are you ready to join forces? 

Our Family Values:


Pursue a vision worth living for.
Practice work/life harmony.
Engage in challenging & stimulating work.


Remote-first culture, prioritizing technology.
Owning personal responsibility.
Managing flexibility.


Learning new things.
Embodying humility.
A willingness to change and adapt.


Owning your mistakes.
A passion for customer satisfaction.

Ready to explore selling your bookkeeping practice and merging with Reconciled? Get in touch today and learn how you and your clients can benefit from selling your bookkeeping practice!