Though she hasn’t always thought of herself as a “numbers” person, Isabel Hedges credits concrete analysis and clear information as the basis for sound client connections.

But her approach to client support goes well beyond the numbers: she takes things to a personal level. Her main concern, she says, is to make her clients’ lives “easier and better“ — even if that means “talking to them on Saturday at 2 pm.”   

As a marketing major in college, Isabel always thought of herself as creative. It wasn’t until she began balancing the books as a resort manager that she realized the value in crunching numbers.  

She was drawn to the definitive nature of bookkeeping — and that appreciation drives her to develop a deep understanding of each clients’ unique business needs. “Accounting to me is so black and white, and there’s a definite answer at the end, and I like that. It’s rewarding to me to know that I can actually get [clear] results.”

Isabel doesn’t just love the numbers and concrete answers for their own sake. They’re the method that allows her to provide excellent results for her clients. “The numbers don’t lie, so [bookkeeping is] just a really good way to take information, analyze it and give the client an idea of their financial health.”   

She currently manages about 12 clients including a clothing company, an automotive e-commerce company, a medical consulting company, and a property management business. She thrives on the new challenges that each client brings, and credits her diverse background in a variety of bookkeeping settings as key to being able to understand the needs of business owners across various industries.

After joining Reconciled in 2017, Isabel had to get used to the life of a remote worker. It can be isolating, but she enjoys Reconciled’s regular “coffee chats” via video conference, as well as other casual meetings throughout the day. And the knowledge that she’s providing real value to her clients gives its own boost.

Of course, being able to work from beautiful Jackson, Wyoming with her two dogs by her side probably doesn’t hurt. With her husband, Isabel spends the weekends outdoors — skiing, hiking, and biking. And after all that time in nature, she’s ready to sit down with the numbers again on Monday morning.

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