Starting and running a business is stressful in the best of circumstances.

During the beginning of this journey, you may be experiencing even more stress and anxiety. It’s possible to balance your mental health with your business’s growth even in these unprecedented times, though, with the right actions on your part. Here are three steps for managing stress for entrepreneurs.

1. Engage in Desk Activity

Exercise is important not only to our physical health but our mental health, as well. It can be difficult to get enough when running a business, particularly if that requires sitting at a desk all day. Work within your limits by incorporating activities like desk yoga and under-desk exercising as you work.

When you don’t have time to step away from work and hit a yoga class, you can still get the benefits of yoga practice by doing poses in short intervals at your desk. According to Harvard, shoulder rolls are a simple but effective practice that you can do for two minutes to get some stress relief. Sit upright, lifting your shoulder to your ears alternately in an easy-rolling motion. Other easy poses include chair pose and neck stretch.

Under-the-desk ellipticals and bikes are also excellent ways of keeping your legs moving and your blood pumping while you work.

2. Take Restful Breaks

It can be tempting to get out your phone during a work break, but many of the things that stress bodies and brains about work itself are still occurring if your break from work consists of sitting in place looking at a screen. Instead, step away from your desk and don’t engage with your phone. Chat with friends or loved ones in person if possible, as socializing has been shown to offer benefits that using smartphones during breaks does not.

Spend a few minutes walking outside in the fresh air. You can also practice mindfulness meditation for ten minutes to help clear your headspace and re-energize your body. If you don’t know how to, there are many guided podcasts and videos available that will lead you through mindfulness practices to help you clear your mind. You can even find mindfulness apps that cater to businesses.

3. Prioritize Big-Ticket Work Tasks

One of the biggest acts of self-care you can give to yourself is making sure the work tasks that are essential to your business growth get done. One of the first “biggies” on your to-do list is forming your business structure, whether that be a corporation or LLC. The formation process can be complicated and time-consuming, but you don’t have to take it on yourself, nor do you have to pay a pricey attorney to do the work. 

Online formation services like Zenbusiness can take the load off, and they can walk you through each step. An LLC is a popular choice. It offers liability protection to your assets but avoids the double taxation of a corporation. The Vermont Chamber of Commerce says, “Nowadays, LLCs are the option of choice for small business owners, as they are easy to manage and provide the benefits of a corporation while lacking their complex structure.”

Inventory management, payroll, and taxes are also a high priority, but you don’t have to manage them on your own. Delegate inventory management to another person on your team if possible. If you must do it yourself, get an inventory management app to help streamline the process. The more you can automate this aspect of business, the more you can avoid errors that eat into your profits. There are many out there that will sync to your computer for easy integration.

Similarly, manual input of payroll can result in costly mistakes, and incorrect paychecks can degrade employee satisfaction. Court-generated garnishments can be troublesome, and payroll laws can be difficult to keep up with.

Like with payroll, tax laws and regulations change frequently and vary from state to state. Failing to pay the right amount of taxes at the correct time can cause you to have to pay serious fines. It can also cause you to pay an addition to outstanding taxes. Outsource payroll and taxes to ensure you and your business keep functioning. Do this while you focus on what makes the most sense for you.

Don’t run yourself into the ground trying to grow your business. Prioritize staying active during work hours. Also, taking truly restful breaks, and handling those work tasks that are most necessary to your business. Invest in yourself, and your business will reap the benefits.

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