In an ideal environment, your SaaS start-up would address a common problem that no one else is addressing. You want your software to provide something your customers can’t get anywhere else. Unfortunately, the software market is a crowded space, so in addition to figuring out your special niche, you will probably also need to show that you’re better than the competition. So how can your SaaS start-up provide more service than the established competition in your market?

Read Your Competitors’ Bad Reviews

What is your competitor doing that their customers don’t like? Sometimes they focus on a primary problem. Typically, there is also a whole slew of secondary problems that their software could be addressing but doesn’t. Sometimes the problem is not with the software itself but with customer support. Providing more support can make a major difference.

Laser Focus on the Big Problems

These days, a lot of SaaS start-ups focus on addressing multiple problems with their software. After all, we naturally assume that customers prefer software that has multiple functions. However, your SaaS doesn’t need to be as big as Quickbooks right off the bat. Having software that can focus and execute perfectly on one big problem that your customers need to solve can be a major boon. If you do one thing, do it to the best of your ability in an easy-to-understand way. Then sell that expertise.

Provide Better Content

By providing clear and concise support, troubleshooting tips, and a blog that can give complementary information about the market your software supports, you are setting up your customers with powerful tools that can help them succeed. And that success will set you apart from the pack. Even if your competitor has the better software (we’re sure they don’t),  if most of their customers don’t know how to use it or how to solve problems with the service, they will flock to you because you provide helpful assistance that’s easy to use. 

Sometimes the best way to edge out a competitor is to spend more time on your product and your customers. The best way to do that is to outsource as much as possible. Bookkeeping is a great place to start. If that is what your business needs, contact us today.