If you run your own business, then bookkeeping may be one of your least favorite activities.

Even if you don’t like it, it is still a pretty important task. However, the advent of bookkeeping software like Bill.com was meant to make the process not only easier but faster. Bill.com has added a new feature, called Auto Bill Entry, that can cut your bookkeeping time in half.

What is Auto Bill Entry?

This new feature automatically processes and prepares any invoices that you upload, email, or fax using the service. After the invoice has been brought in to the Bill.com interface, users can review the processed bills and edit them as needed for their files. The Auto Bill Entry feature even allows the user to fill out new vendor information when a new transaction is entered.

How Does it Work?

So how does it cut bookkeeping time in half? Well, it effectively takes out all that time you spend tirelessly doing data entry. Prior to Auto Bill Entry, users would have to send the invoices to Bill.com. Then, they had to identify the vendor code, fill out the information, and submit it. With Auto Bill Entry, the program pulls everything from the invoice with the touch of a button. You no longer have to fill anything out. Just make sure the information is correct and fix any mistakes, if applicable.

No more tedious data entry at the end of the day. Just a few scanned receipts and easy bookkeeping so you can focus on other important business tasks. If you want to find even more ways to make your business’s bookkeeping easier, contact us today. We can provide services for any sized business and we can grow with you! This means you’ll never have to look for another bookkeeping service again. Our team of talented bookkeepers get to know your business, and work to make your business a success!