Would you like to target your customers in a more data-driven way?

Well, if you use Shopify for your e-commerce sales channel, you can! Faraday, an AI-driven predictions company and a Reconciled client, has created a free Shopify app that pulls information from customers who have previously purchased from you and creates Buyer Personas.

What Faraday’s Shopify App Do?

This information allows you to see what your customers are purchasing and what they aren’t. So, you can use the data to plan what lines you’ll expand, and see if your early adopters are still interested in your product or service.

“The app gives users a new perspective of the distinct groups that make up their customer base and reveals insights that would otherwise require a team of analysts.”

What Else Can It Help With?

This tool is also great for marketers who want a better idea of who they are targeting and what things they like. Since the data pulled is from your Shopify account, you’ll get accurate customer personas that can deliver incredible insights for your future campaigns. The personas include key features around buyer demographics, financials, and their lifestyle. 

How Does it Work?

How exactly does the app work? Well, it focuses on AI machine learning first but doesn’t just leave it up to training data. The app also incorporates data clustering to figure out persona demographics and giving you a better picture of your ideal customers. To learn more about how it works, click here

This is a powerful tool that will help you determine if your buyers change over time. You can see what campaigns and products are working, but also see what is not working. Adapt your product line according to your buyer data and grow your business! So, what are you waiting for? Start getting valuable insights into your audience by downloading the Faraday Shopify App for free.

Also, if you’re like Faraday and want to focus on what you’re best at and need help with your bookkeeping, contact Reconciled! We take the burden of bookkeeping off your plate and let you get back to your passions.