Business Strategy and Your Bottom Line

Reconciled has partnered with Business Finishing School to translate your strategy into dollars and cents

You Know You Have Room to Grow

as a Business Person


But at what cost? How do you know what’s “worth it?”


You want to grow as a professional, but you’re also busy growing a business. We’ve partnered with Business Finishing School to give you the tools to see what your professional growth can earn you in return.

This Is How Your Strengths (and Weaknesses) Impact Your Bottom Line

This simple and self-guided assessment—with a decade of field data behind it—gets at the heart of where businesses tend to fail,
especially in light of the global realities they face in 2020.

The Business Success Simulator was created to help leadership teams quickly turn their assessments into action.

Get immediate feedback on how these 10 factors are impacting your earning potential right now.

What Do the Numbers Mean?

The Business Success Simulator lets you see how any change to these 10 fundamental business skills will shake out in dollars and cents.

What chance are you giving your business at success? Adjust any one of the numbers to see how that shift will impact your bottom line.

At Business Finishing School, we’ve learned from over a decade of data collection that a 10% increase in your BSI score comes with a 50% increase in annual revenues.

It’s Time You Invest in Growth

How Reconciled Can Help

We aren’t like any other bookkeeping firm. Reconciled provides industry-leadership on top of our bookkeeping services and have migrated hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs to cloud-based solutions from outdated manual systems. If you’re ready to release the burden of bookkeeping, get started with Reconciled for as low as $299 per month. Get complete monthly reconciliations, accurate reporting, and a dedicated bookkeeper that can scale with your business as you grow.

How BFS Can Help

Business Finishing School is the 48-Module program built to power your success in each of the 10 areas of business that the simulator maps out.

Seeing your potential revenue shift with a strategic look at growth is enough to inspire anyone.

Now, in just 90 days, you can try out the first three Modules of the full Business Finishing School’s program for only $299. 

4 Financial Statements Every Entrepreneur Should Review Monthly

Some Things Are Better Together

Reconciled and the Business Finishing School’s partnership brings more than future-facing benefits to your business. It also puts more money in your pocket today. Outsource your bookkeeping services with Reconciled for as low as $299 per month 

Your Strategy Starts with One Decision

Self-improvement is in no way selfish. In fact, it’s fundamental to the health of your business and every one your business affects.

The Business Success Simulator breaks down your areas for improvement in measurable terms, then helps you see how those metrics come down to your bottom line.

The Business Finishing School, hand in hand with Reconciled, has officially pointed you in the direction of massive growth. All you have to do is take the leap.

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