As your business spend increases so does your vulnerability to fraud—See how Tradeshift Go and Reconciled are helping

Any business with a corporate card program knows that the risk of credit-card fraud increases along with the volume of its purchases. But what if there was a way to expand the reach of your corporate card program without increasing your exposure to credit card risk?

Tradeshift, a global network for buyers and sellers of all sizes, recently teamed up with Reconciled, a company that provides virtual bookkeeping services to do just that. The partnership enables Reconciled customers to add dynamic new capabilities to their American Express cards through Tradeshift Go.

Through its talented team of representatives, Reconciled provides customers with reliable bookkeeping services, swift onboarding, and limitless scalability. On its site, customer testimonials proclaim the ease with which Reconciled helped them sort out their books and transition swiftly to a virtual process.

Through the partnership with Tradeshift and American Express, Reconciled customers can now gain key capabilities allowing them to grow their corporate card programs while still maintaining tight control over their spend. 

With Tradeshift Go and American Express, Reconciled customers can now: 

  • Issue pre-approved, encrypted virtual cards through a simple web app
  • Reduce their credit exposure and liability 
  • Spot fraudulent activity and eradicate it quickly
  • Increase their ROI with the American Express rewards program 

With Reconciled and Tradeshift Go, increasing business spend doesn’t have to mean increasing a company’s exposure to credit card risk and fraud. Together, these companies are transforming what customers demand from their corporate card programs and the level of control they have over business spend in general. 

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