Quickbooks Online was developed by Intuit for use by small-to-medium-sized businesses. The software, capable of running in the cloud, has remained a popular choice. Whether you are a QuickBooks Online beginner or an experienced user, doing your own bookkeeping, or just double-checking a few things, here are a few tips to improve your experience with Quickbooks Online.

1. Download the desktop app

The app is free to download with a Quickbooks Online subscription and runs faster than using the service through your browser. It is available for both Mac and Windows. While it isn’t recommended, you also have the option to stay signed in indefinitely. The app can also use notification bubbles to let you know when you need to check something. Downloading this is crucial for a QuickBooks Online beginner.

2. Open a new tab

Having Quickbooks Online opened in two tabs at one time allows you to move back and forth between reports more quickly. You can also drag one tab into its own window to view the reports side by side.

3. Work on multiple companies at once

This tip is for accountants and entrepreneurs with more than one business. There are multiple ways to go about doing this. The most simple way is to open Quickbooks in multiple browsers. If you are using Chrome, you can also open an Incognito window and use it to open the second account. Chrome will also allow you to have multiple Users. To do this, go to Chrome > Settings > Users. Use the different Users to sign in to multiple Quickbooks Online accounts at one time.

Running a small business is easier with Quickbooks Online. Reconciled can help ensure that you are utilizing the program to the fullest extent possible. For more tips on using the software, contact us!